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The learning destination for remote first organizations 🏝

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Why Is Documentation Important? 📒 - Issue #8

#1: Documentation Democratizes Knowledge 📒Bottlenecks are the bane of operational excellence. Here is a real example: Only one person in the organization knows how to do X. They are the subject-matter expert (SME).Everything comes to a stand-still, if the SME…


Productive Play: How Computer Gaming Benefits Our Careers 👾 - Issue #7

My friend Mike shared the following observation with me:


Incentives and Forcing Functions for Pull Communication 👮 - Issue #6

After last week's issue, one of the readers had the following question about the Pull Communication framework👇


The "Overcommunication Fallacy" 📣 - Issue #5

A couple of days ago, a reader of this newsletter pinged me on twitter and shared the following 👇


The Corporate Bonfire: Importance of Stories in Team Management 🔥 - Issue #4

One of the most interesting management challenges is coordination.Vision: How does my team understand the why?Goals: How does my team know what to do?Mechanics: How does my team know how to do it?If you can't answer these questions then your organization is s…


Async: The Remote Unlock 🔧 - Issue #3

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic more and more people started working remotely 👇


Push vs. Pull Communication 🤜 - Issue #2

Here are three statements:Information: Critical knowledge is exclusively in the manager's head or notesInput: Ways of working require the manager to give input on every step of the workflowDecisions: Final decisions (👍 or 👎) always land on the manager's deskW…


Building the Remote Fabric Newsletter 🧬 - Issue #1

The purpose of this newsletter is to bring you the biggest bang for the buck 💥 Every 14 days you read this newsletter for 5-10 minutes and walk away with actionable insights that help you in your remote work setting.